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Pocket iSiddur Jewish Siddur app for iPhone and iPad

4.1 ( 3061 ratings )
Reference Education
Developer: Paul Abraham Jaimovich
Current version: 3.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 25 Nov 2008
App size: 559.63 Kb

Notice: We just released a new siddur called "Siddur - Special Edition" free for just a few days! Run for it!
Recent Upgrade:
Added Tefilat Ha Derech and Megillat Esther. (please erase old app before upgrading to see new features).

Pocket iSiddur

This modern day siddur includes prayers for the four types of traditions; Ashkenaz, Sefarad, Nusach Ari and Edut Hamizrach. It contains Shacharit, Mincha, Maariv and Birkat Hamazon. It is very convenient and easy to use, since it has all the prayers outlined for easy reach. We invested many hours working to make this valuable product at a reasonable price so that everyone can enjoy it! The siddur is in Hebrew, we will be releasing an english and spanish version soon.

Keywords: Torah, judaism, prayer book, israel, Chabad.

Pros and cons of Pocket iSiddur Jewish Siddur app for iPhone and iPad

Pocket iSiddur Jewish Siddur app good for

awsome its so good thanks for making it free and please make the font a little bit bolder and neater otherwise awsowm thak u
Love this app - was just missing Tefilat Haderech, till now. And thanks for Megillat Esther, too!
great work! luv the app! only one thing tho: I was wondering if you could please add the bedtime shema prayers. ive been looking all over the app store and there is no such app! therefore, I figured that maybe you can add it to your app? THANKS!
Any app like his deserves 5 stars! Its so good to have but it realy should have al hamichiya an borey nifashot ( its really hard to spell Hebrew words in English!!!!)
Characters are clear and easy to use. One problem is that there are not traditional spaces between things, so unless you know exactly what you should be saying, it is easy to start reciting things your shouldnt (like supplements for the chagim).
amazing סדור for free you can see every word clearly and its completely accurate

Some bad moments

It just doesnt do. Siddur is for uninterrupted conversing with Hashem. This doesnt let it happen, with the obstructing elements in the page. It doesnt cut it. Lipstick on a pig, lehavdil.
The basic logistics of any normal app is swiping. You should be able to easily swipe from page to page but the app gets confused and is slow or it dose not work at all. How can I read if I can not swipe page to page easily? This must be fixed!
This would be quite a good app (very helpful) but personally i prefer to read the hebrew english prayer. Yet there isnt even english. There for i dint use this app to much,
I dont like it at all everything is way too small. Very un-userfriendly please fix
Great idea but it slows everything down. I had to remove it after a day.
it could be better make it flip sideways put a zoom feature add in ברוך ד׳ in marriv

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