Pocket iSiddur Jewish Siddur App Reviews

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Franchement c est très bien !! Bravo

Pretty good

Could use the ability to change font size. Like the use of vowels. Also transliteration and translation (gender sensitive would be best) would make this app five stars if not more

English translation?

Its been "coming soon" for a while now.


awsome its so good thanks for making it free and please make the font a little bit bolder and neater otherwise awsowm thak u

Thanks for the upgrade!

Love this app - was just missing Tefilat Haderech, till now. And thanks for Megillat Esther, too!

Sorry, no.

It just doesnt do. Siddur is for uninterrupted conversing with Hashem. This doesnt let it happen, with the obstructing elements in the page. It doesnt cut it. Lipstick on a pig, lehavdil.

Swiping pages terrible

The basic logistics of any normal app is swiping. You should be able to easily swipe from page to page but the app gets confused and is slow or it dose not work at all. How can I read if I can not swipe page to page easily? This must be fixed!

excellent plus one small request

great work! luv the app! only one thing tho: I was wondering if you could please add the bedtime shema prayers. ive been looking all over the app store and there is no such app! therefore, I figured that maybe you can add it to your app? THANKS!


This would be quite a good app (very helpful) but personally i prefer to read the hebrew english prayer. Yet there isnt even english. There for i dint use this app to much,

So bad it hurts

This crap is full of chi*

Nice for travel

My iSiddur is extremely useful for travel or when Im on the go and need to say Tefillas HaDerech A great app


It does the job. No need for Shabbos tefillos because it wont be used on Shabbos. Needs Al HaMichya. Does it make any sense to have goyish ads in a siddur?

REALLY needs tefilat haderech.

Also al hamichya would be nice.


I dont like it at all everything is way too small. Very un-userfriendly please fix


Any app like his deserves 5 stars! Its so good to have but it realy should have al hamichiya an borey nifashot ( its really hard to spell Hebrew words in English!!!!)


It froze over and over again .. Great app but just too slow


Can you just add musaf and the Torah service? And also make like a search for a certain prare

Good app, but distracting

This is a good siddur app that is fairly complete in my opinion (except for bracha achrona). However, I tried to daven from this once and I found it very distracting to scroll instead of turning pages. I think a pocket-sized weekday siddur is better than any iPod app.

Slows down iphone

Great idea but it slows everything down. I had to remove it after a day.

Generally good if you already know your siddur

Characters are clear and easy to use. One problem is that there are not traditional spaces between things, so unless you know exactly what you should be saying, it is easy to start reciting things your shouldnt (like supplements for the chagim).

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